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Because it's thicker than standard window film, Armorcoat actually makes glass stronger and more resistant to breakage. Incredibly strong, optical-quality polyester, high-grade ultraviolet inhibitors, and special laminating and mounting adhesives is what makes Armorcoat safety films exceptionally tough.

Once installed to the inside surface of glass, the special mounting adhesive forms a molecular bond, strengthening the overall integrity of the pane.

Armorcoat provides an effective and non-obtrusive defense against intruders, accidents, explosions and weather - helping to save lives and protect your property.

With the ever-present threat of terrorism, high-level government agencies have mandated increased building safety and Armorcoat has been instrumental in providing that. You'll find these films are installed on some of the highest security buildings in the world, including the Pentagon.

Armorcoat Security Film will STOP this from happening to you!
Protection From Flying Glass & Water Damage
Dangerous glass shards caused by accidents or explosions can harm family members or employees. Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and wind storms can also send glass flying through the home or workplace. Armorcoat safety films help hold shattered glass together, reducing the threat of serious injuries caused by deadly flying shards. When broken glass is held in place during a storm, additional protection from water damage can be experienced. Armorcoat is strong protection you can count on.

Protection From Burglars
When a burglar breaks a window, he can gain access to your home or business within seconds. Armorcoat helps deter would-be thieves by withstanding blows that would shatter untreated glass. Police have credited Armorcoat with deterring thefts at department stores, computer outlets, clothing chains and numerous other retail, commercial and residential locations. Armorcoat provides protection you can't be without.
Armorcoat safety and security films help hold shattered glass together.

Armorcoat safety and security films help deter would-be thieves by withstanding blows that would shatter untreated glass.

Protection Against The Sun
Although all Armorcoat films block about 98% of damaging ultraviolet, the tinted versions can reject up to 77% of the sun's heat. This solar energy rejection performance capability helps protect your valuable furnishings from premature fading, improves occupant comfort, reduces energy bills and enhances the appearance of your home or office. Few products provide so many benefits.

Pick Your Protection
Armorcoat films range in thickness from 2 mil to 14 mil providing varying degrees of anti-penetration resistance. In addition to the clear undetectable films, Armorcoat is also available in a variety of solar energy rejecting tinted versions. We are experienced professionals who can recommend the right Armorcoat film for your application. We recognize Armorcoat products are the highest quality safety and security films available, ensuring your total satisfaction. Protect yourself today!

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