Monday to Friday
8 AM to 5 PM - $70.00/hr.

Emergency Labour rates:

Sunday - Saturday
8 AM to 5 PM - $90.00/hr.
5 PM to Midnight- $100.00/hr
Midnight to 8 AM - $160.00/hr.

*STAT Holidays or during Weather Warnings issued by Environment Canada- + 50% to all above prices.
* Locksmith assistant- 50% of Locksmith rate
*Transportation is $0.60/km


Monday - Friday
8 AM to 5 PM - $70.00/hr.

Emergency Opening rates:

Sunday - Saturday
8 AM to 5 PM - $90.00/hr.
5 PM to Midnight - $100.00/hr
Midnight to 8 AM - $160.00/hr.

*Transportation is $0.60/km.
*Statutory Holidays & During weather warnings issues by Environment Canada  �
+ 50% labour to the above prices


In-Shop Labour rates are 50% of the Regular rates.
*Our key blanks range from $3 for normal household keys up to $50 for high security keys.
We do not charge to cut them. 
If you bring in your own key blank the cost is $3 to get it cut.

In-Shop Residential Re-key:
With a key: $10
Without a key $15
In-Shop Commercial Re-Key:
With a key $15
Without a key $20

Other Pricing:
The following opening charges have the dispatch fee of $30.00 included in them. The dispatch fee is the charge to dispatch a Locksmith to the job site. From the moment a Locksmith is dispatched the dispatch fee becomes into effect. Cancelling a request for a locksmith after he is dispatched does not cancel the dispatch fee.
Disclaimer: LaFosse�s Lock & Alarm is not legally morally or finically responsible in any way for any loss incurred due to the failure of any alarm system we install. Even though the problem of system failure would be a very rare occurrence it can happen. We are not aware of any company insuring against a system failure. We install excellent quality equipment and believe our alarm system and our installation work to be at least as good if not better then most in Canada. Even though we install superior equipment, and take extreme pride in our installers work, and would be proud to compare both the quality of our workmanship and equipment with any on the market, we cannot insure against failure in our alarm system. We can assure you that you will have both excellent workmanship and excellent equipment.